Let’s look at a general overview of building in the DIY system. Follow the steps below and it will show you how to change font color, add an image, and much more.


1)  In the sidebar, identify the element you would like to add to the page



 2)  Select the element you want to add 

 3)  Drag the element onto the page in the section you would like it in



4)  To change text, select the text you would like to edit and type new text



5)  Select “Color” to change the font color

6)  Change the font size


7)  To change the image, select the image you wish to change



8)  Select the “Open File Manager” button


9)  Select the Upload button



10)  Drag files from a folder on your computer, or select anywhere in the upload area to open a window with your files


11)  If you open the file manager, choose the image you would like to upload and press “Open”



12)  Once the image has been uploaded, press the “Return to Files List” button




13)  Select the image you have just uploaded


14)  Select “Apply” and you will see your image display on the site



15)  To display the changes on your live site, select “Save Now” and “Publish” buttons


That is a general overview of building in the DIY system. Should you have any questions about using any part of the DIY system, please check out the additional articles in this section.