There are two types of Products available with us:

· Downloadable products are those products which can be downloaded, such as “Soundtracks,” and require no shipping charges.

· Non-Downloadable products are those products which can never be downloaded, such as “Merch” category, and requires shipping charges, as well.


Let’s see how to add products to the cart and how shipping works!


First let’s see how the Downloadable “Soundtracks” work:Videos, Song, Album products. 


1. Go to the Music Category here:



2. Buy a Soundtrack.


3. Now select the Size and Quantity you want and add the product to the Cart. It will appear like this:


4. Now, Go to the Cart. See the added product has appeared in the cart and click on Check out. It will take you to the Shipping and Billing screen.

5. Fill out the details for either Creating an Account or LOGIN if you have credentials, it would appear like this:


After filling the billing info, see how it had no impact on shipping charges. It will remain $0 for downloadable products. Fill out correct card information and submit the data. You are done with downloadable product addition.


Now, let’s do it for Non-Downloadable product such as “Merch” page.

I have already finished all the process already.Follow the same steps as the Downloadable process. The only difference is there will be shipping charges of $7.18 by default. It does not matter how many products are added. The shipping charges will remain $7.18 only. See Screenshot below:


Case 3: There will be other cases when you will want to add a Downloadable and Non-Downloadable product in the same cart. In that case, yes there will be shipping charges added to the product. See below, last product is Downloadable, but still the shipping charges are added to the “added price”.


Now, let’s see from where to add the downloadable and non-downloadable products in admin section.

1. Go to Ecommerce >>Product>> Add Product

2. Now, there are two types of Product Types one are Physical Product and others are Digital. If the product is physical than it has to be a non-downloadable product and digital is downloadable. See screenshot below:


In a general overview, let’s look at how to add products:

To Add a physical product:

Under General:

1. Select Physical product as category.

2. Add Product Name.



1. Add Price and Quantity.



1. Select any categories say “Prints” and submit the data by clicking in next buttons and finish the addition of product.


Adding a downloadable product:


1. Select product type as “Song”.

2. Select a Product album.

3. Add Product Name.


1. Enter Price.


1. Select Categories say as “Music” or video anything.

2. Click on next button and your downloadable product is added.



Short code for Stores:



1. Go to Content >> Web Pages.

2. See Internal pages.

3. Then click on Merch Page.

4. Edit HTML for Merch Page and enter the following code for the Product listing to appear.




<CategoryID>1</CategoryID>-- Category id such as Books, Soundtracks etc.





<p>Product Name: {{product_name}}</p> -- Product Name of the product to be added.

<p>Product Price: {{product_price}}</p> -- Product Price to be added.

<p>Product Image: {{product_image}}</p>-- Product image to be added.

<p>Family ID: {{family_id}}</p>--Category id to be added.

<p>Product ID: {{ProductID}}</p> -- Product id